Bruce Klemm

Bruce Klemm

Co-Founder and Relationship Manager

My passion is helping our firm achieve operational excellence so we can maximize our ability to help our clients

Bruce's story

Bruce brings his passion for helping people do better for themselves financially to his work at Horizon Ridge Wealth Management.  Bruce is responsible for operations, strategic planning and ongoing business development.  

Bruce did not start out in finance, but paid his own way through college, working full time at an auto supply company.  Upon graduating, the company placed him into a management training program.  Over the course of the next 28 years he held various progressive positions.  In 1990, he was made part of the management transition team in a large acquisition in the auto supply space.  At Jiffy Lube International, he then served as Director of Franchise Development and later rose to Vice President of Corporate Operations and Training.  Then in 1998, he was again chosen as part of management transition team in another large acquisition in that industry.  At Penske Auto Centers, he then served as Vice President of Development and later rose to Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations and Development.

In 2003, Bruce decided to change his career direction and pursue his passion of helping others do better for themselves financially.  This included financial advice as well as frontline leadership at Ameriprise Financial and Fidelity Investments.  This led him to later co-found Horizon Ridge Wealth Management with Jonathan Peyton.

Today he holds the following degrees, certifications, and designations:

  • Candidate for CFP® Certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Commerce from University of Louisville

Bruce lives in Ashburn, Virginia.  He is a proud father of two grown sons and grandfather to three beautiful granddaughters all who live in Texas.