“Statistics also show that only 20{d1d8871217f8508d859457bdac4c746c2f58cc6c7822889c23a90752f9ebe05c}-30{d1d8871217f8508d859457bdac4c746c2f58cc6c7822889c23a90752f9ebe05c} of businesses that go to market actually sell; leaving up to 80{d1d8871217f8508d859457bdac4c746c2f58cc6c7822889c23a90752f9ebe05c} of those without solid options to harvest their wealth and ensure economic continuity into the next generation.”

– Exit Planning Institute

Every day business owners fight to keep their company open, employees employed, service their customers, and grow their personal wealth. With over 70{d1d8871217f8508d859457bdac4c746c2f58cc6c7822889c23a90752f9ebe05c} of a business owner’s wealth trapped in their business it is becoming vital for business owners to regularly explore succession planning and exit strategies. Successful businesses are prepared for a sale throughout every stage of their growth cycle. However, to know how much the business owner needs, net of taxes, they need to work with an Exit Planner and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to forecast the family’s financial needs, expected tax impact, estate planning concerns, asset protection strategies, & more. The team of Exit Planners and Financial Planners at C-Suite Planning™ will work closely with you and your team of lawyers, accountants, and other business professionals to maximize your financial exit. Schedule a time to speak with our team!




What is Exit Planning?




Too often business owners are focused “in” their business and run the risk of losing sight of a bigger picture. A balance needs to be struck between working “in” the business and working “on” the business. Ask yourself this:

If a synergistic buyer approached you and stated they wanted to purchase your business as part of their expansion, would you be able to give them a realistic exit price? Would you know how much you need to walk away with in order to live a comfortable life – net of taxes or shareholder distributions?

Without understanding this information business owners, like you, run the risk of remaining trapped on the hamster wheel with the weight of their business, and family’s livelihood, on their shoulders. It is time for things to change and for business owners to understand how much they need to reach financial independence – based on current and future household expenses. Schedule time with our team to discuss your exit planning strategy!