We Are Excited To Announce Our Next Evolutionary Step!

Since 2016 the team at Horizon Ridge Wealth Management has dedicated their time to educating clients on the intricacies of comprehensive financial planning and active investment management services. During that time the founders have shared the message “Not All Plans Are Created Equal” and “Investing For The Future Requires Thinking Different...” with everyone they met.

Over the following five years, and with the help of some amazing people, the firm transformed into a specialty boutique financial planning and investment management firm focused on serving clients with complex planning and investment needs.

As the firm continued to grow it became evident there was a need to split the firm in two with one brand focused on specialized financial planning and the other brand focused on active investment management.

The team at C-Suite Planning™ provides specialized financial planning services to aspiring, active, and retired entrepreneurs, executives, and their families. Using a proprietary Pillar Planning Process™ the C-Suite Planning™ team offers specialized planning services like Executive Financial Planning, Exit Planning for Business Owners, Divorce Financial Planning, and Special Needs Financial Planning. Furthermore, each niche planning process was carefully crafted from years of rigorous analysis and feedback from existing clients.

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The team at Different Investments™ provides independent alternative investment evaluations and active investment management services to aspiring, active, and retired entrepreneurs, executives, and their families. The alternative investment evaluations include Private Equity, Private Debt, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and Energy; while the active investment management services combine traditional asset classes, liquid alternative investment funds, fundamental research, and tactical trading into a proprietary investment methodology.

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Different investments