Special Needs

Special Needs Financial Planning

What planning have you done to protect your special needs child from the outside world when you are gone?  Who will take care of your child if you are not there?  Are you ready to place the responsibility and financial strain on their siblings?

A parent’s strongest emotions and biggest fears are directly linked to their children.  It is the hope of each parent that their child has been raised to emotionally, financially, and physically take care of themselves.  Unfortunately this is not always possible, as those of us with disabled children have found out.

Advance planning is a must for those children with more severe disabilities, as they do not always know who to turn to when their parents are gone.

At Horizon Ridge Wealth Management we understand your concerns completely, as it is something our Co-Founder, Jonathan Peyton, faces every day when raising his oldest daughter who has a developmental disability.

It is our mission to provide a detailed action plan for families with special needs children, for use before and after you are gone.  By partnering with the extended family, guardians, and/or attorneys to outline a financial support strategy, our team can provide ongoing investment management and distribution services as needed.  Within each financial disability plan we consider the importance of:

  • Inter-generational and sibling family dynamics
  • Financial planning that addresses disability laws
  • Special needs trusts
  • Life insurance
  • Government assistance
  • The ABLE Act
  • Estate planning techniques to protect your child’s best interests
  • Retirement planning for you and your special needs child.

While we do not provide legal advice, we can work closely with the attorney and legal guardian to ensure assets are managed in accordance with the investment objectives laid out in their carefully crafted Special Needs Planning documents. Whether funded from investable assets, or through a life insurance policy, our team can assist with the account creation, account funding, and asset management during, or after, your life to ensure your child’s financial resources are handled appropriately.


Protect your loved ones

At Horizon Ridge Wealth Management we work with families to help them learn about the financial decisions that can better facilitate their child’s ability to realize their full potential. Whether it’s planning for the financial obligations of continual medical care, testing, cognitive therapies, or specialized educational programs, we can help families confidently prepare for whatever their child’s future holds.