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The era where we are loyal to one company for most of our working years is over.  “Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times during his or her career.”[1]

Have you ever received a job offer but not known how to evaluate it?  Worried about whether the recruiter or HR director is putting their best interests above your own?

Your Employee Benefits

With the increasing use of creative employee benefits, it is harder than ever to evaluate new job offers.  In many case, “soft dollar”, or non-financial, benefits can account for a larger portion of employee value.  It is often accepted that “a great package can make up for a lower salary, especially if you’re saving money on health care, allowed to work a flexible schedule or getting more vacation time than you’d anticipated.”[2] Still, soft dollar benefits can create a “grass is greener” perspective which in reality, can mask the real financial impact of making an employment change.

At Horizon Ridge Wealth Management it is our belief that every employee should find an appropriate balance between soft-dollar benefits and financial compensation.  The ability to work from home, to have a flexible work schedule, or to have 100% of one’s healthcare benefits paid for by the employer should not completely offset taking a lower financial package.  Regrettably taking a lower compensation package can have serious impacts on families both in the short and long term.  Therefore these decisions should be made carefully and with the benefit of financial modeling to understand the true future impact.

We designed and employ a proprietary process for evaluating the present, and future, value of both soft-dollar and financial benefits.  We offer an analysis package for mid-level managers or an expanded one for executives.  The Executive Package includes a review of stock options, grants, equity ownership, executive deferred compensation plans, and other executive benefit packages.  Each evaluation will provide you with the financial impact of accepting that offer and will assist you in negotiating a better benefit package.


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The grass may not be greener

Understanding how to evaluate and then select the appropriate employee benefits package between the multitude of different companies/plans can be overwhelming.  It can be hard to know who to trust to accurately break down the choices that can significantly impact your health care and budget.  At Horizon Ridge Wealth Management, we take the guess work out of complicated benefits packages and plans by providing you with a side-by-side comparison of the choices and costs associated with them.