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Phantom Stock: Aligning Key Employee Benefits With Company Goals

Dec 2, 2017
There are quite a number of fringe benefits a company can offer their employees, and yet if the company is trying to retain key employees they may not be enough.  For this conversation, let’s define...

Changing Jobs: Hard Dollar Benefits vs. Soft Dollar Benefits

Dec 2, 2017
Landing a new job can be one of the most exciting feelings you can experience. Whether you were looking to change careers, or had been unemployed for a period of time, receiving an offer letter...

Part 2: The Difference Between Stock Options and Restricted Stock

Dec 2, 2017
In part 1 of our two part series we explored, at a high level, the differences between the stock option plans, incentive stock options, and non-qualified stock options.  We discussed some of the reasons why companies...

Part 1: The Difference Between Stock Options and Restricted Stock

Dec 2, 2017
Climbing the corporate ladder can be a rewarding, challenging, and amazing feeling.  While there will certainly be a few extra headaches from the additional responsibilities, there are also a few extra compensation benefits.  Whether you are...

Executive Benefits: Tools To Build The Right Compensation Package

Dec 2, 2017
Across the landscape of employee benefits, there are many fringe benefits offered to the “rank and file” employee as a way to attract and retain employees.  However, among the executive ranks there are fewer options...

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