Asset Management

Investment Management Services

Today, investment firms  offer a wide variety of investment strategies, often touting their strategy as unique, and possibly superior, to everyone else’s.  At Horizon Ridge Wealth Management , we believe investment strategies have been commoditized and where one out-performs one year, it very well may under-perform the next.

Instead, we take a much longer view of the markets and your money.  With an eye on controlling risk, we offer a comprehensive Wealth Management  approach.  Our system takes a holistic perspective of your investment objectives.   We then develop personalized investment strategies for the long term.  By focusing on the end objective, and not attempting to time short term market movements, we strive to tune out the noise and provide you with clear direction.


The Horizon Ridge Wealth Management Investment Management Process

Once we have agreed on your financial plan, Horizon Ridge Wealth Management performs in-depth research before investing your money.  Our team employs the following investment management process  in the construction of your portfolio:

  1. Initial Screening. We provide an initial screening of investments based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial planning   Then we work with investment managers and research analysts to evaluate different types of investments that fit our client’s needs.
  2. Quantitative Analysis. Next, we crunch the numbers.  We review each potential investment’s risk characteristics, performance history, peer group ranking, investment strategy, and overall fit within your intended investment strategy.
  3. Qualitative Analysis. Next, we look at the “who” behind each investment.  We review the asset manager  and their team, and evaluative what has contributed to the asset manager ‘s historical performance.
  4. Next up, we select the best options based on what we’ve learned and construct a portfolio that meets your needs.
  5. Once in place, we will monitor each investment’s performance and correlation to leading market indicators.


**Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No strategy assures success or protects against loss.